At War With ISIL Who We Swear Isn't at War with Us


We’re bombing IS/Caliphate which says it’s at war with us, while our State Department denies that they’re at war with us. War, I suppose, is a one way street. So here to clear things up is Charles Krauthammer:

The problem is that the new policy has outgrown the rationale. Our reason for returning to Iraq, explained Obama, is twofold: preventing genocide and protecting U.S. personnel.

According to Obama’s own assertions, however, the recent Kurdish/Iraqi advances have averted the threat of genocide. As for the threat to U.S. personnel at the consulate in Irbil, it too is reduced.

It was a flimsy rationale to begin with. To protect Americans in an outpost, you don’t need an air war. A simple evacuation would do.

Besides, what does the recapture of the Mosul dam, the most significant gain thus far, have to do with either rationale? There are no Christians or Yazidis sheltering there. Nor any American diplomats. So Obama tried this: If the dam is breached, the wall of water could swamp our embassy in Baghdad.

Quite a reach. An air war to prevent flooding at an embassy 200 miles downstream? Well, yes, but why not say the real reason? Everyone knows it: The dam is a priceless strategic asset, possession of which alters the balance of power in this war.

And why not state the real objective of the U.S. air campaign? Stopping, containing, degrading the Islamic State.


Well, if we did that then Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom would have to officially choose sides, which is something he seems loathe to do. I’ll give him credit where it’s due, however. The bombing campaign isn’t as feckless as he indicated it would be a few weeks ago. When Wiggleroom said he was targeting “airstrikes to protect our American personnel,” I took him at his word, and assumed he meant there would be no broader campaign against IS/Caliphate. Instead it’s clear that was just a little white lie told to cover his left flank, and I’m cool with that — anything to kill these murderous mofos before they kill us or many more of our friends.


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