To Pug Or Not to Pug?

To pug:

A Rhode Island-based director’s “first-ever” all-pug theatre production of the Shakespeare’s classic “Hamlet” is ready to take its next step into prime-time.

Kevin Broccoli, of Providence, set up a Kickstarter campaign early July to fund an idea he had for a new play called Pug-let.

“For years I’ve dreamed of mounting one of Shakespeare’s most glorious works with nature’s most glorious creation: The Pug,” he wrote.

The project was intended to be a joke, he told Buzzfeed. But after raising more than $5,000 of his goal with the help of 196 backers, Broccoli said he will follow through.


An earlier attempt to adapt Titus Andronicus was halted due to protests by the ASPCA and PETA.*

*Not really. I just made that up.



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