These Aren't the Dems You're Looking For


Or maybe they are:

It’s one thing for Democrats running in red parts of the country to sound like Republicans on the campaign trail. It’s another when Democrats running in purple or even blue territory try to do so.

Yet that’s what’s happening in race after race this season.

Faced with a treacherous political environment, many Democrats are trotting out campaign ads that call for balanced budgets, tax cuts and other more traditionally GOP positions. Some of them are running in congressional districts that just two years ago broke sharply for President Barack Obama.


That’s Alex Isenstadt reporting for Politico on a not-so-mysterious condition known to politico pros as “running the hell away from an unpopular President.” What really makes this instance fun is, the Democrats aren’t just running away from their party’s titular leader, they’re also running away from everything that made their party “great” for so long.

Hmm, maybe I was onto something all along


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