Speaking of 2016 Contenders...

BuzzFeed says Democratic Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is getting “aggressive” with the nuts and bolts of running for President:

The odds aren’t great against Hillary Clinton, but the Democratic governor from Maryland is doing the actual things people do before running for president: donors, new policies, campaign travel, distance from Obama. “I think people are going to be surprised at the amount of time he does this.”


There’s more:

O’Malley has bucked the administration on immigration before; this spring, he announced that Maryland would no longer comply with parts of the federal program that facilitates deportations. But his comments last weekend signaled the extent to which O’Malley looks like a guy running for president.

Aides say that was always the idea. In the last year, the governor has stepped up efforts to put together what he has called a “framework” for a national campaign: He’s traveling the country to stump for Democrats, he’s speaking at state party dinners, he’s raising money, and he’s working on developing new policies.

In recent months, those efforts have intensified. About a dozen friends, former aides, strategists, and a handful of donors and fundraisers ready to support O’Malley if he runs, say they see the governor moving forward with those plans without a shade of hesitation.


He looks to be covering the same part of left field as Elizabeth Warren, but without her charisma, 1/32 Cherokee credentials, or vagina.

O’Malley might be good on paper, but he lacks the rock star quality Democrat voters will be looking for as a followup to having nominated and twice elected the nation’s first black President.


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