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Below yesterday’s post about that Reason-Rupe poll of Millennials, Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Reader™ Faceless Commenter writes:

Well, it’s a start, but my unscientific observation IDs two problems:

1 – They don’t get the connection between their government-induced misery and their voting habits — EXCEPT

2 – on the social issues, which trump everything else.


There’s truth in this. Social issues do trump everything, which is sometimes wise but often foolish — which is why Democrats play to them so hard and so well.

And make no mistake that the GOP must court Millennials. They’re a huge cohort, easily dwarfing my own Gen X, and without significant support from them in the coming years the GOP faces political extinction. This too is truth.

Putting two and two together, and it’s obvious that the SoCons must, so to speak, privatize social conservative issues. Libertarians such as myself offered them an “out” on gay marriage by separating State and Marriage, but this was fiercely rejected by most — all too many SoCons seem to like their Big Government when it suits their ends. But if they want to enjoy any future electoral or practical successes, they’ll have to come up with creative, Millennial-friendly solutions to the issues which concern them.


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