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Meet the New Campaigner-in-Chief

Elizabeth Warren rushes in where messiahs fear to go:

Candidates from West Virginia and Kentucky, states where a visit by President Obama could doom Democrats’ prospects, are calling after Warren. Sure, she is an unabashed supporter of Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress. (Progressives now identify themselves as part of the “Elizabeth Warren wing” of the party.) Her backing of the administration’s new regulations on carbon emissions, for example, puts the Massachusetts senator at odds with many voters in those states.

But it’s Warren’s brand of economic populism that candidates are after. Her Wall Street vs. Main Street message resonates particularly well with working-class voters in these states, and anywhere per capita income is lower than the national average, Democrats say.

Doing favors, building the party, rallying the troops...

She's looking an awful lot like a 2016 contender, isn't she?