GALLUP: Hillary Losing Support


The Sun Times reports:

While a majority of Americans continue to have a favorable opinion of her, it’s been on the steady decline since 2012 when it hit 66 percent. Now, 54 percent view her favorably, which is down from 59 percent in February.

Her favorability rating is the lowest it’s been since Aug. 2008 (54 percent), when she was gearing up to speak at the Democratic National Convention and endorse then-Sen. Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential nomination.


Sitting atop one of the best-run political machines in the business can only take a questionable resumé and a tin ear so far. And while Clinton’s book launch hasn’t quite been a disaster, it has certainly been overshadowed. Her two comforts are the Clinton Machine and that she still has quite a ways she can fall.


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