Radical Muslims Radicalize

The only thing shocking about this story is that anyone in Britain could be shocked by it, except that after decades of liberal squishiness even that isn’t so shocking. Read:


Several majority-Muslim state schools in Britain’s third-largest city have fostered an atmosphere of fear and religious bias, British regulators said Friday, in the first findings of a controversial investigation into allegations that administrators were radicalizing students.

Five of 21 schools being investigated in Birmingham have deviated from the national curriculum in ways that have hindered Muslim pupils from integrating into wider society, Education Secretary Michael Gove told Parliament.

“Children have been exposed to things that they should not be exposed to. We must put the promotion of British values at the heart” of education, he said.

The West has allowed so many camels’ noses — Islamism, statism, progressivism — under the tent, there’s hardly room left for anything else in there.


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