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Honor killings — sometimes it’s really just about convenience:

The husband of Farzana Parveen, the Pakistani woman stoned to death for refusing to participate in an arranged marriage, told CNN he killed his first wife so he could marry Parveen.

Authorities said the first wife was killed six years ago.

“I wanted to send a proposal to Farzana so I killed my wife,” Mohammad Iqbal said Thursday in an interview with CNN.

Zulfiqar Hameed, district inspector general for the Punjab police, said Iqbal’s son from the first marriage alerted police to the slaying six years ago.

Iqbal was arrested but later released on bail because his son forgave him, Hameed said.


If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend 2008’s The Stoning of Soraya M.. More than any news story ever could, it gets to the corruption and cruelty of Islam’s genuine war on women. But I do advise watching it with a fistful of Kleenex and a tumbler full of whiskey.

Make that three tumblers.


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