That's Hardball


That banner ad above is the official Wieckowski camp response to this story:

The mud fest between “Mug Shot” Mary Hayashi and Bob “the Bully” Wieckowski for an East Bay state Senate seat ratcheted up a notch with the release of the in-store surveillance tape of Hayashi’s 2011 shoplifting incident at San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus.

The video – which runs over an hour and was taken by cameras throughout the store – shows Hayashi picking out nearly $2,500 worth of clothing, going into a dressing room with shopping bags, then paying for some of the clothing and being confronted by two security guards after walking out the door and down the street.

The tape was obtained from San Francisco police under a Freedom of Information Act request by Margarita Lacabe, who runs a blog called San Leandro Talk. Lacabe posted the video, selected highlights and choice-moment stills on the site.


Don’t vote for criminals? Now they tell us?

Here’s the video.


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