Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys Gotta Surrender and Eat Cheese

Moscow’s secret weapon against the French in case of WWIII? Pamphlets:

“French soldier!

Liberated France, the France of tomorrow shall need you. Your family shall need to take care of them, your children shall need you to bring them up, your parents shall need you to provide for their comfortable old age. Your country shall need you to give her the strength of your hands, your mind, to make her recover her grandeur and happiness. Do you want to sacrifice your life, which is so badly needed, to the war for German interests?

French soldier! Give up fighting, save yourself for France.

Whom shall your death help? This war, into which Americans and Germans have drawn your country, is not your war. It is the war of North American monopolies, which attempt to subdue the the world under them. But what can the war bring you?


War is Boring has the rest of the story.


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