SCIENCE: Drinking Makes You Cool

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I don’t care if this is an antiquated notion:

A recent study conducted by researchers at New York University Polytechnic found that drunk fish school sober fish when it comes to being cool.

After exposing zebrafish to high concentrations of alcohol, scientists found that the fish swam faster and more boldly. They also found that the sober fish tended to follow the drunk fish’s lead.

“It is like [that the fish’s drunk behavior] is perceived as a boldness trait, thus imparting a high social status,” lead researcher Maurizio Porfiri, an associate professor at the university’s Institute of Engineering, told Discover Magazine.



Today may be heavy on the videos after this morning’s think-heavy column, but the video above was once my favorite music video.

Some days, it still is.

(H/T, Karen Attaway.)


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