ObamaCare, The Prequel

Phoenix is where 40 vets died waiting for treatment they never received from the VA, but Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom likes to brag about how much he’s increased VA spending. Well:

Records requested by Open The Books show the Phoenix VA spent over $701 million on the salaries of 3,107 employees from 2011 to 2013. Despite millions within the system, only $180,629 was devoted to quality assurance.

During the same period, the Phoenix VA spent $549,989 on gardening and $211,268 on interior design. Other expenditures include: $324,153 on locksmithing, $251,004 on a librarian, and $672,181 on painting — all of which were more than quality assurance.

Of the total amount spent on salaries, 59% went towards management, administration, or operations functions — not veterans care. Of the 3,107 people employed by the Phoenix VA, only 226 were medical officers — or doctors — and 576 were nurses.

A cynic might say that the increased spending was little more than featherbedding and make-work for reliable Democrats.

How cynical are you feeling this afternoon?

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