Android Goes to War (And Not Against Apple)


The U.S. Army is developing a programming tool for its troops that uses Android to create apps for military battlefield wireless networks. Called MACE (Mounted Android Computing Environment) it is already resulting in really useful apps. For example, one of the first apps developed, called ODIN that automates the complex process that allows the software controlled wireless networks being used by different units to quickly mesh with each other. This is similar to the capability built into laptops and smart phones that automatically searches for available networks whenever the wi-fi app is used (or often automatically). Before ODIN it took hours, or longer, to mesh two or more networks unless it was done by prearrangement. In a combat zone that is often creates fatal delays. With ODIN it happens about as fast as with your smart phone. MACE also allows most Android apps to be quickly converted to operate on army combat communications systems.


The old saw says that amateurs study strategy while professionals study logistics. Logistics being getting the right people with the right stuff in the right numbers to the right place at the right time.

Anything helping speed up communications and networking helps to speed up the logistics, which gives our guys a great big edge.


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