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136 years of movie special effects in just under three minutes.

Up until, and I guess including Jurassic Park, Hollywood could drop our jaws with only the special effects. Something really new might come along every once in a great while like the wire work from The Matrix, but once the computers took over we became jaded pretty quickly. We used to marvel at practical special effects, because some smart and talented people had to figure out a means to make something jaw-dropping happen, really happen, in front of a camera. Now the computer artists just draw it, if you’ll allow me to oversimplify the amazing work that they can do. But we’ll never again wonder, “How did they do that?”


Which means that special effects once again have to go back to doing the simple work of servicing a good story.

Remember good stories, Hollywood? A little less spectacle, please, and a little more storytelling.

(H/T, Wired.)


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