Mixed Up, Muddled Up, Shook Up Health Care

Since I’ve gone from The Doors to The Kinks, maybe we can consider this next story a step up from today’s column. But only maybe:

Californians unhappy with their forced Obamacare related healthcare packages are finding a cheaper and more efficient way to see a doctor — high tail it to Mexico.

The growing trend among Californians finds citizens driving into Mexican towns like Tijuana, and seeing a doctor for as little as $15 out of pocket. While the Obama administration remains puzzled why so few Latinos are signing up for health insurance, the answer can be found just a few short miles away from the border.

The administration will continue to have a tough task going forward, in an attempt to entice Latinos with green cards back into the United States for their medical visits. Those who can travel back and forth over the border have little reason to enroll in an expensive healthcare system, racked with long waits and errors.

Maybe it isn’t fair to compare California — home to one-third of this nation’s welfare cases — to Mexico, which has a large and growing middle class.