Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Today’s news comes from Oregon — and elsewhere:

“Their health exchange has been a disaster,” said Michael Cannon, of the Cato Institute.

“They’re the only state in the country that built their own exchange and couldn’t get it to a level of functionality to sign a single person up,” said Jim Capretta, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

But Oregon isn’t the only state still struggling, months after the major problems with were addressed.

Systems in Vermont, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maryland continue to have problems.

“The federal government spent about a billion dollars on those five state exchanges, and none of them are very likely to work well ever,” Capretta said. “So that’s a lot of wasted taxpayer money.”

I’m willing to cut the White House a break on not having any hard numbers. This thing is such an expensive and colossal cock-up I’d be surprised if we ever learn the truth.