Foreign Policy Comes Home

John Kerry blistered at Senator Jim Risch’s suggestion that our foreign policy is “spinning out of control.” Read:

“When you say, you know, something like our foreign policy is spinning out of control, those are great talking points, they make for good, you know, sound bites on TV nowadays but I have to tell you senator, that’s just not true,” he said.

Kerry listed U.S. achievements in conflict zones in central and north-eastern Africa, pressure on China to change its policy towards North Korea and the denuclearization drive, engagement in the South China Sea with regard to territorial disputes with China, leading the humanitarian assistance push in Syria, “leading the effort” in the Israeli-Palestinian talks, and others.

“I just don’t agree with you – we’re living in a complicated world,” he said, citing rising sectarianism and religious extremism, and the need to provide increasing numbers of young people with job opportunities and a future so they don’t become extremists.


Is it safe to assume then that Administration’s domestic policy represents a desire to turn America’s youth toward extremism on purpose?


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