The War on Small Business Rages On


Here’s Tom Dougherty’s perspective on the 51%:

As a business owner for more than 25 years, I’m quite honestly surprised that 51% number is not higher, and if it is correct then I’d be damn accurate if I guessed that 51% of men would also report they are forbidden from discussing their wages.

Why, you ask, Mr. President? Because every business owner I know has strict policies against any employee discussing their pay with another employee, and it has nothing to do with gender or race. In fact, if it did it would be illegal under existing laws.

Why do we have these policies, you ask, Mr. President? Because smart business owners base pay on one principle variable, and we are also sensitive to protecting the privacy of our employees, and what they earn falls under that umbrella.


There are multiple levels of Progressive dishonesty going on here.

• SQUIRREL! to distract from ♡bamaCare!!! in particular and the economy in general.

• Motivating the base. November is looking bad.

• Sowing discord. (Divide and conquer; unite and rule.)

• Graft. Moving control of pay from the most basic level — employer/employee — to Washington.

That last point is the end goal, of course, and the only part that really matters to the Democrats.


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