"The cavalry is coming."

I certainly hope so. But it sure would be something if the GOP were to pick up the Senate without Mitch McConnell at the helm. Read this from Philip Bump on the Republican’s expanding November’s playing field:


The money the Democrats have will also need to be spent in places they would rather not have to spend it. On Friday, former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown entered the Senate race in New Hampshire, forcing the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee arm to have to spend money in a year when they’re already desperate to hold existing seats. Brown trails, but the DSCC would obviously rather spend that money holding embattled seats in Louisiana or Arkansas — or unseating Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

McConnell? In trouble? Polls show him running even against Democrat Alison Grimes, and of course he’s picked up a Tea Party challenger in the primary.

But unseating the minority leader in a year when it looks increasingly likely for him to become the majority leader hardly seems likely at all.


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