Stupid Is As Stupid Votes

Sometimes I look back with fondness at the times when I was still young and stupid. Other times with somewhat less fondness. But Millennial Evan Feinberg says that when it comes to ♡bamaCare!!!, his young generation isn’t so stupid:


Take the recent Magic Johnson ad, for instance. It was clearly made by someone who doesn’t understand anyone younger than 30. Most Millennials don’t even know who Magic Johnson is. He retired in 1991. Today’s college students were all born after that, meaning they couldn’t tell you if he played baseball, basketball, or maybe cricket.

Other ads have drawn scorn and ridicule. The “pajama boy” social media campaign led to scathing responses from the media for making Millennials look self-absorbed and annoying. The “Mom jeans” campaign tried, and failed, to link health coverage with awkward-fitting pants. The case for health care had never been less clear.

One of the administration’s allies, Get Covered America, took the confusion a step further. It created a two-minute original song featuring singing cats, dogs, and birds. Intended to spark a nationwide increase in enrollments, the ad was greeted by silence, receiving only 60,000 views on YouTube.


It’s one thing for the rock star candidate to ask young voters to show up at the polls, and even to drag a friend with them. It’s quite another to ask them to fork over real money for health insurance — a product about as far away from rock stardom as I am from sobriety at 9PM on Margarita Fridays.

I won’t even ask you to try an imagine the mindset that truly believed they had the power to motivate kids to behave otherwise.


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