Required Reading

Tammy Bruce took her Trifecta segment and turned it into a must-read piece with a point she didn’t make on PJTV:

Now we can add another bizarre, and potentially dangerous, unilateral decree from the administration: Mr. Obama has ordered a change in immigration rules making it easier for so-called “minor” terrorists to gain refugee status and asylum in the United States.

I know some may think this is a story from the parody publication The Onion, but unfortunately, what was once absurd satire has now become reality. As he threatened at the State of the Union, Mr. Obama used an executive directive to unilaterally ease restrictions specifically for asylum-seekers who have provided what his administration terms “limited material support” to terrorist groups.

I argued on my radio program that after the disastrous rollout of Obamacare and its continued collapse, Mr. Obama would suffer a narcissistic collapse, compelling him to take actions meant to punish the people he views as responsible for his failure — the American people.


Read the whole thing.


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