More Pauls, Fewer Akins

Republicans have another winner on their hands in Oregon:

“With regard to rape, we can’t know what it means to the woman.”

Todd Akin? Richard Mourdock? Neither. That was Oregon State Representative Jason Conger, a current candidate in the Republican primary race for the US Senate.

Rep. Conger reportedly made the statement on the Kremer and Abrams show on FM News 101 KXL in Portland, Sunday October 20, 2013, in response to a question about why, in 2011, he sponsored Oregon House Bill 3512, a medical emergency abortion bill that had no provision for incest or rape.

As Marc Abrams, one of the hosts of the conservative-progressive show (think CNN’s Crossfire), wrote the following day at Blue Oregon, Rep. Conger repeated the statement several times.

Mr. Abrams also confirmed to me in an email exchange, as part of my research for this article, that the quote is accurate and unaltered. He openly admitted he is a liberal journalist (though without a “horse in this particular race”), and was equally quick to state he believed he provided Rep. Conger with the opportunity to clarify his statement, but no such clarification was offered.


That’s Tom Dougherty in a must-read piece over at Practical Politicking.

Why does total BS like “Life of Julia” help win elections? Because of not-infrequent-enough nutjobs like these.


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