Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Latinos might have voted overwhelmingly for Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom in two elections, but they don’t seem to be big fans of his signature legislation:


At least one in three Latinos in the U.S. are uninsured, a far higher rate than whites or blacks. Yet, advocates say their Obamacare enrollment is lagging for a variety of reasons.

“Some of these families have never had insurance in their lives,” said Xavier Morales, executive director of the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California.

Just how many Latinos and other minorities are signing up isn’t known because only the California exchange asks applicants for their race and ethnicity, though the question is optional. In other states, advocates say it’s been tougher than expected to get these groups to apply.

Only 19% of Latinos and 20% of blacks have looked for health insurance on the exchanges, compared to 28% of whites, according to a Commonwealth Fund survey.

I honestly don’t know what to make of those figures.

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