Camera-Ready Legislation

Mitch McConnell looks like he’s playing long ball in the Senate, introducing a bill to stop nonprofit IRS regulations:

The bill would delay for one year the rules, which would limit the amount of political activities that “social welfare organizations,” or 501(c)4 groups, could engage in and still maintain a tax-exempt status.

“Instead of putting safeguards in place to protect our civil liberties, the Obama administration is now dragging the IRS back in the opposite direction,” McConnell said on the Senate floor. “It’s now pushing a regulation that would actually entrench and encourage the harassment of groups that dare to speak up and engage in the conversation.”


The House GOP can’t get much done because anything they might do would be left to die in Harry Reid’s Senate like an undersized Spartan newborn. The Senate GOP can’t get much done because they’re the minority. What they can do is attention-grabbing moves like this one, to highlight Administration mendacity and thuggishness.

Keep it up, Mitch — and get creative.

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