How to Win the War on the War on Women

It strikes me as absurd to have to be writing about this at all. The “War on Women” began as a lie-question from George Stephanopoulos at a GOP debate, exploited since by Democrats who are viciously effective at this stuff. Absurd or not then, it must be countered.


Cinzia Croce has five tips for doing just that. Here’s the first of them:

Tell GOP men to be quiet. All Republican men should simply avoid talking about women’s reproductive issues. Take a page from Democrat men. They don’t seem to commit any gaffes talking about women’s issues. When asked questions by the media, all Republican men should reply that American women do not need to be lectured on this subject by male politicians. Remember, the GOP is the party that believes politicians/government can’t do anything right. Apply the same attitude when it comes to women’s reproductive rights.

Go read the others.


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