Required Reading

Ron Fournier:

Obama’s plan to exert executive branch authority, starting with his State of the Union address, further illustrates his unfamiliarity with the levers of political power, the limits of his leadership style, and the vast amount of time and potential squandered by the president so far.

Didn’t know enough? After five years in office? This official, like so many others in the West Wing, apparently is not sufficiently self-aware to realize he confirmed an Obama critique—that the president is too removed and disinterested from the political process to affect it, that he doesn’t value congressional relations enough to give them anything more than lip service, and that, for his enormous intellectual gifts, Obama is handicapped by a lack of political curiosity. He chose not to know enough about the Republicans.


Who knew that a failed educational reformer with a penchant for political shakedowns and a Chicago Way of doing business might not have the executive experience or political curiosity to handle the responsibilities of President of the United States?

That, by the way, is one of those fancy rhetorical questions.


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