Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day [PM Edition]


If Oregon’s website still isn’t working (it isn’t), it’s not because officials there weren’t warned:

In one of a series of revealing emails, the Cornell-educated technology analyst [Ying Kwong] at Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services wrote last May that Cover Oregon’s managers were being “intellectually dishonest” in claiming the project would be ready Oct. 1.

He likened it to the old sci-fi movie classic, “The Blob,” since their foe seemingly couldn’t be stopped due to its amorphous plans and political momentum. “You simply don’t know how to shoot this beast, because it does not have a known anatomy with the normal vital organs that make it tick.”

Kwong wasn’t alone. His concerns about Oregon’s exchange were echoed by the project’s quality assurance contractor as well as the man Kwong was writing to, the Legislature’s top IT oversight analyst.


It should be noted that The Blob consumed everything in its path without mercy until it was frozen solid and airlifted to Antarctica.

Where’s Steve McQueen when we need him most?


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