"Government Security" Is the New Oxymoron


More from The Verge:

At least 70,000 records with personal identifying information including first and last names, addresses, and user names are accessible by using an advanced Google search and then tweaking the resulting URLs, according to David Kennedy, founder of the security firm TrustedSec. Kennedy notes that he never modified any URLs, just that he noticed that it was possible.

Kennedy first testified about the issue before a Congressional committee in November, he says, but it still hasn’t been resolved. It’s just one of several issues he’s identified with the site, and it’s actually one of the easier ones to fix: Kennedy estimates it would take just a few days to hide the records.


Helthcare.gov introduced a single point of failure for buyers in three dozen states, and a single point for security holes, too. We’re one medical Snowden away from the collectivization of millions of medical histories.

I’m pretty sure that’s not intentional, because Professor Wiggleroom’s career was built on the timely release of sensitive information about his political enemies.

Nevertheless, Healthcare.gov for all its many failures remains the easiest part of ♡bamaCare!!! to fix.

The rest of the law is a hot mess completely intentionally.


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