Fly the Nosey Skies


Details from CNET:

[Ryanair CEO Michael] O’Leary said he is working with Google on a plan to change how consumers buy their airline tickets. He also said the Internet giant is working on a price-comparison tool that will blow other comparison sites “out of the water.”

Ryanair will share its pricing through Google, and the airline is working to be part of the launch, he said.

He added the project could go live as soon as March.


This is one of those times I’d be happy to let Google have my personal info (TSA has it anyway) in order to get discounts. What would be really nifty is if Google could use your search history to prescreen you through security, or inform Homeland Security to send scary men to your front door.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

ASIDE: I always though of CNET as reputable, and I suppose for news they still are. But a few days ago I downloaded and installed a program through their free download service, and what happened shocked me — as well as being a pain in the ass.

Their installer quit my browsers (I keep Safari and Chrome running, with Firefox in reserve) and installed oodles of crapware like shopping “helper” extensions, changed my default search engine to Yahoo, changed my default start pages, and one or two other craptacular things I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Doing something like that without warning or permission is borderline fraudulent, and I advise you to stay the hell away from any CNET downloads.


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