Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


We have a tale of woe being repeated across the nation:

Patterson, who has previously always had insurance, said she was not told she had to designate a primary care provider in Independence’s system before seeing the doctor. When she got home, she went online and did that, but learned she’d have to wait until February to make an appointment.

That was too long a delay. So, she called Independence three or four times a day, spending more than an hour on hold each time hoping to get a representative to waive the waiting period. But she would hang up before reaching anyone.

“I can’t get a person no matter what I do,” said Patterson, who is unemployed and lives with her husband in Drexel Hill, Penn.


We went from a lousy insurance system of 50 little fiefdoms, where each state insurance commissioner practically colluded with insurers to keep competition out and prices up. A good fix would have been a proper use of the Commerce Clause to smash those oligopolies with nationwide competition, same as car insurance.

Instead, ♡bamaCare!!! added a new layer of bureaucracy on top the 50 little fiefdoms — amongst many other sins. The result has been to even further remove the customer from the care providers.

So it doesn’t matter how many additional people have a little card in their wallets telling them they have coverage; the actual amount of medicine being practiced will decline.


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