Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day

People are finding out what’s in it — and they don’t like it:

Fifty-nine percent of uninsured Americans reported having a negative experience with the new ObamaCare health exchanges in December.

Thirty-nine percent reported a positive experience, a rise of 6 percent from October and November, according to the Gallup survey released Thursday.

Only 7 percent reported a “very positive” experience, while 29 percent had a “very negative” experience.

Tracking polls in the previous two months found that 33 percent reported a positive experience, and 63 percent of people reported a negative experience.

The December poll is made up of interviews throughout the month with 1,500 uninsured Americans, including 450 who reported visiting the health exchanges.


Those last figures might prove telling. They indicate that fewer than one-in-three of the uninsured have visited the exchanges. What I’d like to know — and what the story doesn’t say — is how many of those 450 were previously insured, but lost their insurance to to ObamaCare’s diktats.


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