But Bush!

Sorry for the misleading headline — the NBC News story I’m linking to doesn’t actually blame George Bush for anything, near as I can tell. But it does warn that 2014 will be a nasty year for politics… because REPUBLICANS! No, really:


It was the gift that kept on giving: The disastrous roll-out of the health-insurance exchanges provided daily fodder for Republican opponents of Obamacare. And the dire state of U.S. health care, coupled with a headlong rush by people to get health insurance, gave Democrats ample opportunity to say “we told you so.”

So once it’s January 2014 and people can start having their new insurance and all the deadlines have passed, can we relax and talk about something other than health reform?

Not a chance, say experts. They predict 2014 will be, if anything, worse than 2013.

“It will be an election year, and the GOP has pledged to make the Affordable Care Act one of its top issues. So yes, I think we can expect even more politics,” says Sabrina Corlette, senior research fellow at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute.

“Scary thought, I know.”

Who caused the rollout disaster? Dunno!

Who created the dire state of millions losing their doctors, plans, affordable copays, etc? It’s a mystery!

Why the headlong rush? Beats me!

But everything must be BECAUSE REPUBLICANS because a fictional Democrat was given the opportunity to say “We told you so” right there in the lede.

Scary, indeed.


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