Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day

Yesterday I asked, “How much more can small business take?” We’re about to find out:

Like the canceled individual health plans, it’s another example of a tradeoff that health care experts have long known about, as the new rules for health insurance prices create winners and losers. But most Americans won’t become aware of it until some small business employees learn that their premiums are going up because of a law called — oops — the Affordable Care Act.

Some will learn the opposite, that their premiums are going down because of the law. But as we saw with the canceled individual health plans, it’s the losers who will get most of the attention.

And the timing will be terrible for Democrats: A lot of those small businesses will have to start dealing with their new prices in October — just in time for Republicans to make it an issue in their mid-term election campaigns.

There are no widely accepted estimates for how many people could be affected, but even if it’s a relative minority, it won’t matter politically — because Democrats will once again have to defend the administration’s claims that the majority of Americans who have employer-based insurance won’t be affected by Obamacare.


That’s from a Politico report by David Nather, and I have a few questions for him.

• Who are these health care experts, and why have we not heard from them before now?

• 2010 or 2012 would have been excellent times to hear about ObamaCare’s losers, yes?

• No?

• Why so cutesy when calling the law by its proper name?

• When losers lose by force of law — having things taken from them without their consent — shouldn’t they get the most attention?

• The Administration never claimed that “the majority” would keep their existing plans, did they?

• Didn’t Professor Wiggleroom himself, on many occasions, promise “if you like the plan you have, you can keep it?”

• And didn’t he sometimes even punctuate that with “Period” at the end?

I’m sure Mr. Nather will get right back to me.


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