Required Reading

Matt Welch writes on the media and ObamaCare and the “noble lie,” but I thought this bit featuring Greg Sargent (with whom I enjoyed a little Twitter tiff the other day) was especially enlightening:

“We may find out whether a ‘post truth’ candidate can be elected president,” Washington Post “Plum Line” blogger Greg Sargent warned just before the election. “If there is one constant to this campaign, it’s that Romney has startled many observers by operating from the basic premise that there is literally no set of boundaries he needs to follow when it comes to the veracity of his assertions.”

One year later, as the mainstream press was filling up with blow-by-blow accounts of Obama-Care’s brutally inept rollout and extravagantly broken promises, once-proud truth tellers like Sargent found themselves in the unintentionally comical position of downplaying the president’s mendacity. “The White House could have been clearer in laying the groundwork for this political argument: It wasn’t sufficient to say people who like their plans will be able to keep it, which is narrowly untrue,” Sargent wrote. Then he pivoted to the real culprits, declaring that “the GOP outrage about Americans supposedly ‘losing’ coverage is largely just more of the same old misdirection. It’s a subset of a larger Republican refusal to have an actual debate about the law’s tradeoffs-one in which the law’s benefits for millions of Americans are also reckoned with in a serious way.”

We’re going to find out if a “post truth” media can long survive.

I doubt it. And I won’t shed any tears at the funeral.