Good Time Barry's Got the Blues

That Q-pac poll I showed you earlier this morning was no outlier. NBC/WSJ shows a similarly-broad decline in support for Professor Wiggleroom — as a president and as a person. Here:


Just 28 percent give the president high grades for being able to achieve his goals (down 16 points from January); only 37 percent give him high marks for being honest and straightforward (down 5 points from June); and 44 percent give him high marks for being able to handle a crisis (down another 5 points since June).

“These are tough and sobering numbers for the president and his administration,” said Democratic pollster Fred Yang, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff.

More at the link, including a PDF of the full report.

But what comes to my mind is, “Live by the targeted demo, die by the targeted demo.”

Wiggleroom won election in 2008 on three things. There was rational voter disgust with President Bush, rational voter fears about the economy, and completely irrational belief in the power of hopenchange.

Wiggle was reelected with even less. Silly campaigns, aided and abetted by the MSM, like the fictional “war on women,” helped drive targeted voters to the polls. Smear jobs on Mitt Romney, again aided and abetted by the MSM, helped keep other targeted voters at home. (Romney’s near-inability to counterpunch, plus the RNC’s technological inferiority also played big parts; I’m not at all saying they’re blameless for Romney’s loss.)


But what happens when that “supporter” who came to the polls based on little more than than a cute “lady parts” meme she saw on Buzzfeed, is confronted with a not-so-cute cancellation notice, and a non-working website trying to upsell her on unaffordable insurance? What wellspring does Wiggleroom have to win her back?

There isn’t one. Wiggleroom didn’t win on a set on bedrock principles from which he has now temporarily deviated. He ran and won on lies and smears and cutting-edge technology. The smears no longer matter because Romney is out of the picture, and there are no more voters to get to the polls via an iPhone app.

All that’s left is the lies, brutally exposed by the ObamaCare rollout.

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