Your Daily Dose of Schadenfreude


This full-strength dose comes courtesy of NYT:

Mike Horrigan is a lifelong Democrat with heart problems who supports President Obama’s health care law because he expects it will help many people obtain better insurance, including himself.

But under the new law, the Affordable Care Act, Mr. Horrigan’s coverage by a state high-risk insurance program was eliminated, then replaced by a more expensive plan. His wife’s individual plan was canceled for being substandard, then suddenly renewed — also at a higher price.

So while Mr. Horrigan, 59, believes the law will improve health care in the long run, its short-term effect has been chaotic and trying for him and his wife, Kay. “It’s more stressful than it needed to be,” he said.


Judging by his current belief that ObamaCare will all somehow magically work better, Mr. Horrigan is what political experts call “an idiot.” However, his painful lessons are sure to continue until morale — and intelligence — improves.

UPDATE: On second thought, the Horrigans do seem to live in an awfully nice house. They shouldn’t mind spreadin’ the wealth around a little bit.

It’s a good thing, I’m told.


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