And Now, an Important Reminder

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Just barely over one-third of ObamaCare’s open enrollment period is over, and according to Enroll Maven, just barely under 3% of the enrollment goal has been achieved.

And that’s using a pretty liberal standard for “achieved.” HHS is pretty much handing participation trophies to anyone with a valid email address.

I’m reminded of my worst memory of 9/11. I was watching Fox or CNN, and they kept cutting to this pretty doctor at one of New York City’s hospitals. She and her team had set up a triage station outside on a closed-off section of the street.

But they had nothing to do. The last time I saw them switch over to her, the sun had gone down and there was dread in her voice when she said something like, “There’s nobody coming in. There’s nobody coming in.”

There weren’t any wounded for her to tend to. Wounded = Dead.

ObamaCare hinged on the healthy coming in to buy insurance. I suspect we’ll see those Enroll Maven numbers shoot up, maybe even dramatically, over the next week or two. That will be people who really need insurance, due to age or sickness, finally being able to get through the New & Improved

But the young and the healthy — what if they make like that telegenic young ER doc, left waiting for a rush of people who never arrive?

We’ll know in the next three or four weeks.