Your Second ObamaCare Fail of the Day

In local news, Colorado’s health exchange has enrolled about one-half of the bottom end of the projected number of enrollees:

“The enrollment numbers are not meeting the projections,” [Ellen] Daehnick said in an interview. “They are behind even the low projections. This board has moved from looking at a plan to looking at actual performance that has not met expectations, at least from my perspective.”

The story fails to detail how many of the 6,001 enrollees are actual paying customers, or if the state exchange is using the White House’s “shopping cart” numbers. That is, counting people who put a plan in their cart without buying it, or merely successfully created accounts on the website. Also left unsaid is how many of the enrollees are simply applying to go on the expanded Medicaid dole.

Colorado’s exchange has been hailed as one of the nation’s smoothest-running and most successful, and I don’t doubt either claim.