Required Reading

Bruce Barcott:

We received the letter in the mail a couple months ago. The good people at Regence Bluecross Blueshield were pleased to inform us that due to Obamacare our current low-monthly premium, comically-high deductible medical policy would no longer exist come January 1, 2014. Pleased, because a new and better plan would be offered in its place. Old monthly premium: $578 for a family of four (non-smoking, helmet-wearing, and paternally snipped). New premium: $1,123. A 94% increase.

Once the sound of boiling blood dissipated, in my head I heard my Republican friends chuckling at the sight of a liberal Democrat hoisted ten stories high on his own petard. How’s the view up there, Obamacare Ollie?


Painful, I’d imagine, what with the atomic wedgie and all. And these stories make me think American politics might need a modernization of one of its old definitions. So I propose the following:

Conservative, noun, a person mugged by ObamaCare.

That work for you?



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