These Aren't the Policies You're Looking For

In case you missed it, here’s the text of Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom’s “sorry if you’re offended” non-apology:

Well– first of all, I meant what I said. And we worked hard to try to make sure that we implemented it properly. But obviously, we didn’t do enough– a good enough job– and I regret that. We’re talking about 5% of the population– who are in what’s called the individual market. They’re out there buying health insurance on their own.

A lot of these plans are subpar plans. And we put in a clause in the law that said if you had one of those plans, even if it was subpar– when the law was passed, you could keep it. But there’s enough churn in the market that folks since then have bought subpar plans. And now that may be all they can afford. So even though it only affects a small amount of the population, you know, it means a lot to them, obviously, when they get– this letter cancelled.


Although as Ace already noted, Wiggleroom “is the author of the regulations which cancelled all these policies. He can also rewrite them.” The regulation was written by HHS to specifically exclude as many existing policies as possible under the law — to ungrandfather them, so to speak. It’s in his power to change that, and make millions of American’s policies whole again.

If, you know, he were actually sorry for what he’s done.




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