There's Very Little Time to Move to Yesses



A mid-October Pew Research national poll found that a plurality regard the Republicans as “better able to deal with the economy” than the Democrats (44%-37%). Independents favored the GOP on the economy by a whopping 46%-30% margin in that survey.

The Republicans took most of the blame for the shutdown, yet a growing number see the GOP as “better able to manage the government.” In December 2012, the Democratic Party held a 45%-36% advantage over the GOP as the party Americans viewed as better able to manage the government. By Oct. 15—in the midst of the shutdown and debt crisis—the Democratic lead on this measure disappeared: 42% said the Republican Party is better able to manage the federal government, compared with 39% who named the Democrats.


Those are some decent numbers — better than I would have expected so soon. ObamaCare must really be packing a wallop already, and Professor Wiggleroom may have lied away at least some of his ability to demonize Republicans. It’s their warning which are coming true, and his lies which have been revealed.

But can the GOP avoid the bickering and infighting which has defined it this year? And most importantly, can the party attract quality candidates?


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