Amazon Puts Indies of Life Support?


Amazon plans to give independent booksellers a percentage of the takings from ebooks bought on Kindles they sell, the online giant has revealed.

The new Amazon Source programme aims to encourage independent bookstores and small retailers to sell Kindle readers by offering commission, representing 10% of the price of ebooks purchased from the devices they sell during the first two years.

“We believe that retailers, online or offline, small or large, should be striving to offer customers what they want — and many customers want to read both digital and print books,” said Russ Grandinetti, vice-president of Amazon Kindle. “For many years, bookstores have successfully sold print books on Amazon — now Amazon Source extends this opportunity to digital.”

“With Amazon Source, customers don’t have to choose between ebooks and their favourite neighbourhood bookstore — they can have both.”


I don’t understand this one at all. Would someone enlighten me, please?


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