Omigosh Nikon What Have You Done?

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If you fell in love with shooting SLRs before there was a D in front of the name, you might be willing to write Nikon a check for one of these — whatever it is! — sight unseen.


The official announcement comes on Tuesday, and I’m on pins and needles until then.

Did you hear that shutter? Did you hear that dial… that shutter speed dial? Watching that ad I was back in high school again, shooting Dad’s vintage F2A. For what it’s worth, the F2A was possibly the best pre-electronic SLR ever made. It’s a tank. You could drop-kick it into a pile of cinder blocks and it would just keep shooting. Pick one up on eBay for $150, and I promise you you’ll take the best pictures of your life, with nothing more than a aging 50mm f/1.8 lens. Walking is how you frame great shots — not zooming.

I still have Dad’s F2, which hasn’t been shot in 20 years, easy. But I bet if I cleaned it up and dropped a new button battery in, it would shoot every bit as beautifully as it did 35 years ago.

That would certainly be a lot cheaper than buying whatever it is Nikon is showing off in this ad.

But I still want it. Whatever it is.


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