Today's Pravda: You Didn't Want That Plan Anyway



The JournOlist — it still works!

These came today on top of Josh Barro’s claim earlier this week that “rate shock” means ObamaCare is working, because “young, healthy people” — or “those poor things” as Barro calls them — are asking for it, due to their unseemly youth and health.


We’re going to see a lot more of these crude defenses of ObamaCare in the coming days and weeks — because what else have they got? I especially like Franke-Ruta’s insistence that forcing millions of America’s to lose their preferred coverage and conform to one of four centrally-determined plans is “creative destruction.”

There’s nothing creative about coerced conformity.

Nothing at all.

But that won’t stop the likes of Franke-Ruta and Sally Kohn from putting up smoke screens to obfuscate what Professor Wiggleroom has done to us.


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