"Is It Wrong to Root for ObamaCare to Fail?"


That’s the question Jonathan Tobin is asking:

As Democrats attempt to deflect the torrent of criticism coming their way in the wake of an ObamaCare rollout that was an undeniable fiasco, one of their key talking points centers around an attempt to blame it all on mean Republicans who can’t let go of their opposition of the president’s signature legislation. As liberal blogger Ezra Klein wrote in the Washington Post, there’s a certain cognitive dissonance involved when those who actually want to repeal a piece of legislation complain that it is being incompetently administered. Maybe so. However, the implication coming from many of the administration’s defenders is that there’s something inappropriate if not unpatriotic about anyone wanting the government to fail. It’s almost as if they’re saying that hoping for ObamaCare to crash and burn is like rooting against the U.S. Marines if you didn’t happen to approve of the president’s decision to send them to fight in a particular war. After all, we all follow the flag and support our troops no matter what we think of the commander in chief or his policies. Or at least we should.


As I noted on Twitter the other day, we’re not rooting for ObamaCare to fail any more than we’re rooting for gravity — it simply is. Or as Tobin notes later in his piece:

Those who believe it to be a wrongheaded and dangerous scheme are fully within their rights to hope that it collapses of its own weight long before it becomes part of the basic infrastructure of the federal leviathan.

Two things shocked me about ObamaCare, and I’ve been opposed to it on moral, political, and practical grounds since Day One. The first is how quickly its ill effects began to make themselves felt, which was almost immediately — and accelerating once calendar year 2013 began. The ratio of new full-time to new part-time jobs reversed overnight, once businesses knew the IRS would be training its greedy little eyes on their employment practices in order to determine the amount of regulatory hurt that would be inflicted. The second was how quickly ObamaCare stumbled — right out of the gate. I never thought the launch would be smooth, but I also never thought it would be so obviously and comically awful that it would have Chuck Todd berating Jay Carney right to his face.

We can be thankful its failures were so immediate; already every single Democrat Senator facing re-election next year is getting behind the effort to at least delay the individual mandate. The White House is saying they’re willing to delay by up to six weeks, but c’mon — that’s like treating cancer with a Band-Aid. Once this “reform” ball gets rolling, it could become difficult to stop. The GOP had better get behind a solid plan, pronto, if they’re going to take full advantage of this moment.


But we should never forget the damages inflicted on us these last three-and-a-half years since ObamaCare became the law of the land. On Facebook the other day, someone tried to blame the Republican minority for ObamaCare’s failures, because they “blocked anything better.” What an admission of incompetence! Translated, he was saying, “If you give Democrats power, they’ll pass craptaculent laws. They just can’t help it.”

And, well… yeah. We sure learned that the hard way, didn’t we?

Some say that the Shutdown helped bring us to this moment, but I just don’t see it. If anything, it distracted from this moment.

In any case, the moment is here, and lovers of liberty must be ready to seize it with both hands. But keep one foot free for planting firmly in the Democrats’ ass.

They’ve earned it.


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