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Another Solution is Alcohol


Actually, there's a simple solution: Live within our means.

Oh, you wanted a solution Washington can live with? Well. That's different.

But there still is one. There really is.

I don't actually know what the solution is, but I know how one could be achieved. It's a simple process, I can sum it up in just one word.


It's this weird thing, where the President, Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom, sits down at a table in good faith, without the unrealistic expectation that he can get the big increases in spending he needs to keep the various gravy trains running. And his buddy Harry Reid does the same thing -- and maybe even without all the name-calling. And John Boehner sits down there, too, having given up the impossible expectation (if he ever even held it himself) that he can negotiate a defunding or a delay of ObamaCare.

And then they hash out a messy compromise, one which probably does no better than kick the can down the road a little farther.

It's not much of a solution, but it is one.