Death Goes On


Saeed Ghasseminejad in the Times of Israel:

In his address to the United Nations, Benjamin Netanyahu described Hassan Rouhani as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but you’d have to be very gullible or very nearsighted to be fooled by the Iranian president’s flimsy disguise.


Gullible or nearsighted? Isn’t “both” a valid choice? And don’t you get the feeling Ghasseminejad is being far too kind?

As I’ve written here before, any reasonably technologically competent nation which wants to go nuclear, can go nuclear — and nothing short of war will stop them. Since we don’t want to go to war with Iran, with must either plan for a nuclear Iran, or try and help change whose finger rests on the nuclear button. I’ve seen no such indication in over a decade that we’re doing the former, and Wiggleroom blew his chance in 2009-10 to do the latter.

And does it seem to you that Iran’s mullahs play good cop/bad cop with their own presidents? They put up a moderate for a few years to give the appearance of reform, followed by a bug-eyed crazy man to keep the pot stirred. But behind the scenes, the mullahs plug away at the nuclear program, and at destabilizing the Arab middle east.


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