Rah Rah Roy!

My favorite goalie, Patrick Roy, might just wind up becoming my favorite coach:

The combustible Colorado coach blew his stack Wednesday night — in his first game as an NHL coach — screaming at Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau and nearly toppling the glass partition separating the two benches.

And this all happened in the final seconds of a 6-1 Colorado win.

Roy defended his actions afterwards, saying he was sticking up for his players. The Hall of Fame goalie, who won two Stanley Cups with the Avs, was irate over what he felt was an illegal hit on MacKinnon that wasn’t called.

“I was not very happy, first of all. That was a knee-to-knee hit and that should have been a penalty, in my opinion,” Roy said. “I don’t think this league needs that type of cheap shot.”


That’s the kind of coach who’s going to inspire loyalty in his team.

And who’s going to argue with a 6-1 season opener?


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