I'm Not a Mooch -- I'm You

Donna Brazile:

Who are the people using food stamps? They’re us.

The Census Bureau, which gathers statistics house by house, reports that Americans on food stamps are 49% white, 26% African-American and 20% Hispanic. The Pew Research Center, a nonprofit polling firm, found in a July survey that self-identified liberals, moderates and conservatives who receive food stamps are in a statistical tie.


Well, that’s the conservative complaint, isn’t it? Not that so many of this race or that faith or the other language is on food stamps, but that after five years of “recovery,” food stamp use is still at record highs and increasing.

We learned from the bipartisan welfare reform law that dependency need not be a permanent condition. But we have a Neo New Dealer in the White House, with results not much different from those in the ’30s.


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